Wednesday, October 7, 2015



Earth leaders are the people involved in environmental, ecological, social, developmental challenges on The Earth. Those who have chosen a path for sustainability of the earth. Representing millions of needy and poor people. Everyone is an Earth leader who are committed for the earth sustainability. They represent non-formal and unorganized - Institutes, agencies, organisations, freelance.


Common goals are bigger than the personal goals. Serving the earth is the highest form of service. Earth Leaders are committed to serve the earth in their own way. They own and value each and every part of the earth.


This a network to bring together all those committed and working for the earth, under a common umbrella for the following objectives:
1.      To enhance their commitment and earth leadership
2.      To encourage young earth leaders
3.      To facilitate Earth Leaders communes
4.      To secure the earth leaders and decrease their vulnerability
5.      To create knowledge and skills exchange network of earth leaders
6.      To enhance the intensity of each earth leaders capitals – Social, Physical, Financial, Human, Environmental and Natural.
7.      To encourage professionalism, voluntarism and internships
8.      To create a directory of earth leaders
9.      To create earth leaders institute
1.   To build the capacities of the earth leaders


1.      Earth Leaders – Self Help Group
2.      Earth Leaders – Commune
3.      Earth Leaders – Institute & Capacity Building
4.      Earth Leaders – Directory
5.      Earth Leaders – Knowledge and Skills Exchange
6.      Earth Leaders – Social Networking Group
7.      Earth Leaders – Internship and Volunteers Programmes
8.      Earth Leaders – Resource centres pool for facilitation
9.      Earth leaders – Hostel & Guest House

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